Our bakery is the foundation of our food culture.  Starting with all natural ingredients, every morning our bakers begin production at 6 AM to mix, knead, proof and bake our Signature Bread products.  By 10 AM our store is filled with aromatic breezes of freshly baked breads and our products are ready for our customers to pick up for their daily grocery needs.

All baked goods are Preservative Free and Made with 100% LOVE


  • Traditional Black Forest Cake!

  • Pizza Buns!!! They’re the Best!!

  • Multigrain Breads

  • Sourdough and Rye Breads

  • French Baguettes and Loafs

  • Deli and Burger Buns

  • World Famous English Muffins

  • Banana, Lemon and Seasonal Loaves


Our homemade desserts will satisfy even the most seasoned sweet tooth craving. Come visit to see our assortment of cupcakes, cookies, squares, cake pops, tarts and other family favorites.


See in store for our current selection of pies.  All fillings are made from scratch and inspired by seasonal ingredients.  Slices of our Homemade Apple Pie is available in our Cafe daily.


Our Pastry Chefs can make you a custom cake for any occasion ranging from a small birthday party to a large wedding.  Please visit our store to see the assortment of cakes and discuss your event with our baking team. 

Email bakery@biteyyc.com for any inquiries. For Wholesale inquiries email gm@biteyyc.com  

All single serve items are also available from our Cafe!

 Fun Facts!

  • In a month we mix 3015 kgs of bread dough!

  • We produce over 179 kgs of cookie dough monthly. Did you know we sell cookie dough in our freezer for you to bake at home!

  • We bake over 416 kgs of loaves a month. We use only the ripest of bananas for our banana bread.

  • We mix 184 kgs of cake batter for our feature cakes. Have you tried our Traditional Black Forest Cake yet?…yum!!

  • We use over 214 kgs of raw ingredients monthly for our homemade squares and bars. Each date square weighs over 1/2 a pound!