local grocer

Situated in Calgary's oldest neighborhood of Inglewood, we work hard at sourcing the finest products available to meet our community's needs.  Whether it's honest classic Canadian Heritage brands, gourmet niche items, or the finest in natural organic products we are confident that you will find what you're looking for at Bite.

We carry:

  • Everyday grocery staples

  • Deli meats and an extensive assortment of cheese cut to order

  • Organic and conventional produce sourced locally when possible

  • Variety of ethnic foods, sauces, pastes and spices

  • Dry, canned and frozen goods

We also offer baked goods and Grab'n Go items made fresh in store!

Email grocer@biteyyc.com for any product inquiries or request.



Our bakery is the foundation of our food culture.  Starting with all natural ingredients, every morning our bakers begin production at 4 AM to mix, knead, proof and bake our Signature Bread products.  By 10 AM our store is filled with aromatic breezes of freshly baked breads and our products are ready for our customers to pick up for their daily grocery needs.

All baked goods are Preservative Free and Made with 100% LOVE


  • Multigrain Breads

  • Sourdough and Rye Breads

  • French Baguettes and Loafs

  • Deli and Burger Buns

  • World Famous English Muffins

  • Banana, Lemon and Seasonal Loaves

  • Pizza Buns!!!


Our homemade desserts will satisfy even the most seasoned sweet tooth craving. Come visit to see our assortment of cupcakes, cookies, squares, cake pops, tarts and other family favorites.


See in store for our current selection of pies.  All fillings are made from scratch and inspired by seasonal ingredients.  Slices of our Homemade Apple Pie is available in our Cafe daily.


Our Pastry Chefs can make you a custom cake for any occasion ranging from a small birthday party to a large wedding.  Please visit our store to see the assortment of cakes and discuss your event with our baking team. 

Email bakery@biteyyc.com for any inquiries.

Meat shop

"Farm to Table" is a philosophy that our Bite Butchery team embraces.  Our team works directly with local farmers to purchase the highest quality meats which we then process right in the store for both Bea's Eatery and our retail grocery customers.  Our goal is to provide our customers with a great product that offers value and supports the best in farming practices.  We understand the work and commitment it takes to raise animals without growth hormones or antibiotics while allowing room for natural movement and providing the finest feed possible.

Supporting local farmers is supporting your local community.


  • Spraggs (Rosemary, AB) - Pork

  • Mountainview Poultry (Okotoks, AB) - Poultry

  • Sterling Silver (Premium Certified and Humanely Handled) - Beef

  • City Fish - Oceanwise Seafood

  • Winter's Turkey's (Dalemead, AB) - Turkey

  • Valbella Meats (Canmore, AB) - Sausages, Cured Meats, Pate's and Burgers

  • Paolini's (Calgary, AB) - Bison

  • Salties - Oceanwise Seafood

  • Brome Lake (Quebec) - Duck